Explore your sensuality, build confidence and find your own unique brand of sexy in Burlesque 101! The instructor will lead the class through a warmup designed to help you play with your sensual side while warming up the body. Then the class will learn a classic burlesque combo that is simple, sexy and accessible. Instruction in the core components of classic burlesque will include dynamics in movement, lines of the body and basic glove and boa peels. All levels welcome, no dance experience required! Come explore your inner glamour goddess! 

Gloves and boa provided at class, but feel free to bring your own!


Get down and dirty while exploring your divine feminine energy! This class conditions the body, improves flexibility and encourages sensual freedom through floor-work. The class begins with an extensive warm-up/stretch to prep the body for the movement of floor play then moves into a sensual combo that explores shapes of the body and the slow, sexual burn of movement on the floor. All levels are welcome but please be aware that the movement in Floorwork can be physically demanding. Students should be able to get up and down from the floor. Knee pads are welcome. Come explore the depths of your sensuality! 


Hair & Chair is an intro to cabaret style dance and combines cabaret's theatricality with the sensuality of burlesque. This is an energetic class full of hairography and hip rolls! A chair will be provided to each student to be incorporated into the movement by the instructor for the majority of class. Each class will begin with a warm-up then the instructor will teach a dance combo that includes plenty of hair whips, chair tricks and sultry movement. All levels are welcome but please be aware that some of the movement in Hair & Chair is quickly paced. Come explore the entertainer in you! 


For those looking for an edgier style of burlesque taught to modern music. This style of burlesque will feel more rock and roll compared to the classic style! After taking the class through a thorough warmup, the instructor will teach a combo that combines elements from both Burlesque 101 and Floorwork to create a unique style of movement that often explores the dark side. All levels are welcome but please be aware that some floor work will be included in this class (See the Floorwork section below for more details.) If you are feeling a little rebellious, this is the burlesque class for you!