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Holistic Health Coaching

Houston Divine Studio proudly offers our students health coaching services that help you reach your goals, balance your life, and nurture your soul.

Lauren — who you may recognize from seeing around our studio, or on our stage as a member of The Divine Darlings Burlesque Troupe — is a holistic health coach who thrives from uplifting people who struggle with their weight or physical health and want to learn to love themselves. Lauren empowers them to change their internal narrative through establishing routines of mindful self-care, intuitive eating, and physical activity.


I believe that health encapsulates your entire being. It’s more than looking fit.

It’s radiating unequivocal joy. It’s exuding light and love. And, yes, it’s about eating well and being physically active.

Health isn't just about the nutrients you feed your body. It’s about the nutrients that feed your soul. As your health coach, I’ll work with you through the following areas to uncover your own vision of wellness.

Holistic Health Coach Lauren Love playfully dances at Houston Divine Studio_Photo by Showg

01 — Physical Activity

What is the best way for you to regularly move your body? Whether it’s a 5 a.m. spin class, dancing at your favorite studio (*wink) or squeezing in a walk on your lunch break, physical activity is paramount to a healthy you. But it looks different for every person and every goal. Let’s explore what works for you.

02 — Home Cooking

While eating out is an excellent treat for a date night, time with friends or even an act of self-care, cooking at home is where you’ll find the most nutrient-dense meals. You know exactly what’s going into your food, from the ingredient list to the love and care you pour into it.


03 — Home Environment

If we’re unhappy with our home, chances are we’re unhappy with our life. The home environment extends beyond the living room — it’s whatever space you inhabit, including the neighborhood, city and country you live in. We’ll work together to uncover what areas of your home environment work for and against you, and how to improve each.

04 — Relationships

Your relationships with friends, family, romantic partners and yourself impact your day-to-day and, therefore, your health. Our relationships are the cornerstone of our lives and are integral to who we are, but we also need them to work to our benefit. We’ll explore your various relationships and how to optimize them.


05 — Social Life

The ways you engage with others, whether one-on-one or in large groups, is vital to your overall health. Humans are social creatures, meant to connect and relate. Those genuine connections may be difficult to make and harder to maintain, but they're also so rewarding and fulfilling. I’ll help you find ways to find and authentically connect with your tribe.


06 — Joy

Joy is a deeply felt, inner experience of peace and happiness when our life aligns with our core values. While pleasure, gratitude, pride and happiness all evoke joy, joy itself is a more abundant and tangible way to increase your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. And everyone deserves to feel it.

Holistic Health Coach Lauren Love laughs with friends at Houston Divine Studio_Photo by Sh
Holistic Health Coach Lauren Love leads a meditation class at Houston Divine Studio_Photo

07 — Spirituality

Spirituality is vital for every person’s health, but it’s a personal and unique experience. For some, spirituality is about their religion, while others may simply find spirituality in slowing down and taking deep, intentional breaths. Whatever form it takes for you, spirituality can connect you to peace and wellbeing.


08 — Creativity

Our ability to create is part of what makes us human. It helps us see the world more openly and fires often overlooked parts of our brain. Everyone has a creative side, from artists to physicists. We’ll work to identify the self-expressive, creative activities that make your soul sing.


09 — Finances

The currency in your life—salary, savings, spending, etc.—can bring peace or stress. When we face our finances with honesty, we set ourselves up for success, freedom and, ultimately, health. Let’s evaluate your relationship with money and explore how it is or isn’t serving you.

10 — Career

Your career is your life’s work. It’s the purpose and meaning you’ve chosen to add to the world. While many people don’t feel the need to love their jobs in order to be happy, loving the work that you do supercharges your health and wellbeing. I’ll work with you to understand how your career can help you thrive.


11 — Education

Education is more than the degrees or certifications you hold, and it may look different for everyone. The most important aspect of education in regards to our health is that it’s ongoing. When we’re learning, we’re growing. We’ll explore what education means to you, and the areas you’d most like to learn more about.


12 — Health

Finally, health. The reason you’re here. As outlined above, health is more than diet and exercise. It’s your overall state of wellness. At its core, health is a journey of self-care, not an end destination when things will finally fall in line. Through addressing each of the areas above, we’ll work towards the healthiest version of you you’ve ever known.

Holistic Health Coach Lauren Love practices yoga at Houston Divine Studio_Photo by Showgir

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