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Get to Know: Mary Jane Midnight

Divine Darling Mary Jane Midnight at Noir Studios in Houston, Texas_Photo by Embody Boudoir

Nearly always clad in rainbows of color and enjoying the HIGHS of life, we present to you Mary Jane Midnight: The Technicolor Toker.

This Divine Darling, whose favorite color is “RAINBOWWWWWWW!!!!,” delights in savoring every ounce of joy this life offers. Constantly seeking adventure, growth and beautiful relationships; constantly hungry for knowledge; and constantly rejoicing in the pleasure of play, with just the right amount of fire behind her eyes, MJ is a true Sagittarius.

And boy howdy is all of that evident for anyone in her presence.

She commands a room as well as she commands a stage. Whether that room is full of performers and kittens as The Divine Darlings Burlesque Troupe’s stage manager and lead kitten, or full of women stepping into themselves and finding their inherent power. MJ is, after all, a sensual movement and embodiment guide who “guide[s] people towards self love and inner peace, through self expression and emotional healing.” (You can book with her for these and other body-honoring services through

She utilizes burlesque as a life-long adventure where she can learn, grow, and explore forms of creative expressions she doesn’t always get in other ways. “Burlesque gives me a literal spotlight to shine on myself and see how magnificent I truly am,” MJ shared. “The power of expression gave me the confidence and courage to share my sensuality and sexuality with the world!”

Our silly and sweet little sativa fell in love with burlesque from the moment she saw her first burlesque show (the Holly Madison Peepshow in Vegas). Soon after, “the Goddess brought me MommaJ and DRIPP” — a Daily Rapture and Inner Peace Practice — and she got a taste of the art of the tease, something that has since grown to a powerful craving. She took her first burlesque class, taught by Gertie Garnet, at a DRIPP retreat in Utah. “From there, Houston Divine Studio popped into my Instagram algorithm like magic, and from my first class, I was hooked.”

It makes complete sense, given that her favorite hobbies include “dance dance dance dance dance!!!!!! Also crafting” (along with being outside with a good breeze, a good book, and a good VaderBoi — her sweet, old-man black lab-ish doggo).

Burlesque also informs her internal being as a radical self love extremist, and as someone who “believes completely that the Pleasure Revolution will be a turning point in humanity whereby we all experience safety, love, and peace through the mindful sacred expression!”

This yoga instructor, dance teacher, coach, facilitator, leader, lover of food, believer in divine magic, and reveler in music will be showcasing her love, respect, and passion for burlesque at the Rock’n’Roll Revue on December 9th, Mob Bar Galveston on December 23rd, and, of course, The Burly Soirée: Ho Ho Holidays on December 11.

And, if you’d like to see her embody some of her other passions, come to her DRIPP sessions at Zen Holistic on December 8th and 22nd.

In the meantime, collect nonperishable food items, jackets, and new blankets to bring to The Burly Soirée: Ho Ho Holidays, to enter our raffle for an autographed show flyer, and two pair of tickets to our January soirée! (Donations will go to Houston Food Bank and Star of Hope, respectively.)

The Burly Soirée: Ho Ho Holidays will also feature performances by headliners Rosie the Rivetting and Vixen Magnifique, Divine Darling Foxy Tocin, special guest Kinky Pinky, and producer and hostess Lady Annabelle.

The Burly Soirée: Ho Ho Holidays Details

Date: Sunday, December 11, 2022

Time: Doors open at 1:30 pm | Show begins at 2 pm

Location: 8th Wonder Distillery | 2201 Dallas St | Houston, Texas

Cost: $15–$75 via Eventbrite; $20–$80 at the door

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