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Get to Know: Holly GoSpankMe

Houston Burlesque Performer Holly GoSpankMe stands at an incline while wearing a white corset and underwear. Her hands support her on a stool while her body faces the ceiling and a single leg is fully extended, the other bent, while her face is turned toward the camera, eyes closed. She poses in front of a white wall adorned with a giant pair of pink lips.
Houston Burlesque Performer Holly GoSpankMe. Photo by Lindsay Smith

I'll be honest ... I stared at this screen for a long trying to write this from the third person. But, it felt weird and contrived, so we're going with the slightly less professional first person. So:

Hi! I'm Holly!

I'm the director of communications for The Divine Darlings Burlesque Troupe and The Neon Rouge. (My title for the troupe is actually "queen of communications," with a Mother of Dragons-esque continuation of "siren of social, maven of media," but we're going for professional here.)

With a lifelong love of writing, I built a versatile career in communications, but left the stress of the corporate and agency life to become a health coach. Now, I'm able to work in communications in a way that feeds one of my passions.

I've actually been on a "passion journey" over the past few years to honor myself, prioritize my mental health, and pursue what nurtures my soul. That's what led me to health coaching with a focus on mental health: the absolute joy and fulfillment I feel when I help someone reach a health goal or, even better, fall in love with themself.

And that journey is also what led me to burlesque.

I remember my first burlesque show vividly: Five years ago. Moonlight Dolls. Chapman & Kirby. Abby Cadabra sang "These Boots Are Made For Walking." Valentina J'Adore danced a burlesque ballet number in pointe shoes. Arial Airheart performed on both pole and Lyra, and one of her songs was "Sunday Kind of Love."

Every single moment of that show had me saying, "That. I want that." That confidence. That creativity. And that ability to perform as an adult.

I decided on my stage name that same night, "if I ever get to do burlesque."

After four years of fawning over burlesque performers, I attended my first burlesque class with my dear friend at Houston Divine Studio and learned of the upcoming 11–week burlesque showcase course. And I haven't shut up about burlesque since. (Likely to the annoyance of everyone around me.)

As I'm writing this, I'm realizing that course started one year ago, this month. How appropriate, then, that I get to be in a show tomorrow that celebrates all kinds of love. For me, that includes the love of burlesque.

Burlesque has changed my life in so many beautiful ways. It goes far beyond the joy of performing, the constant creativity of costuming and choreographing, or the realization that I'm fulfilling my biggest childhood dream of becoming a professional singer and dancer.

While those are all true and nurture me deeply, burlesque is so much more. It's given me a core group of deeply connected friends. It's solidified and increased my body confidence. And it's empowered me in my core to take ownership of my body and say "my body is for me, and you can only enjoy it on my terms."

All of it works together for an abundance of joy and love that overfill my soul.

Come see just how much love I have for this incredible artform at The Burly Soirée: Love In All Forms. The show will also feature performances from headliner and Executive Producer of The Neon Rouge Cabaret Show Reina La Rouge, Divine Darlings Zucifer Morningstar and Sadie Mercedes; and Lady Annabelle, who also hosts and produces the show.

The Burly Soirée: Love In All Forms Details

Date: Sunday, February 12, 2023

Time: Doors open at 1:30 pm | Show begins at 2 pm

Location: 8th Wonder Distillery | 2201 Dallas St | Houston, Texas

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