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Get to Know: Sin Pellegrina

Burlesque performer Sin Pellegrina poses on her knees on a bed with a whit fur blanket, wearing a black bra and leather choker with silver rings and chains, her hand poised like a kitten as she wears kitten ears atop long, purple hair
Divine Darling Sin Pellegrina, photographed by Reggie Mathalone

She’s bubbly and she’s bougie, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a little kinky.

Sin Pellegrina is excited to “out” herself and some of her favorite fetishes at the January 8th Burly Soirée.

It’s easy to forget that this naughty Divine Darling only made her burlesque debut in May, as people fall in love as soon as she steps on stage. “Burlesque is a fun way to express myself creatively, and get out of my head and into my body,” she said. “I never thought I would have the patience to create costume pieces, learn choreography, and make all that work look effortless. I’m amazed at myself and my fellow troupe members every day. We’re fabulous!”

(*blushes as I write*)

The absolute natural has always loved the glamour and expressiveness of burlesque performers, cabaret, and pinup models. She frequented shows and looked on at performers from afar, but it wasn’t until Sin’s good friend and burlesque role model, Mak Fontina, inspired her that she even considered it a possibility. “Seeking Mak follow their dreams and become successful gave me the confidence to go for it, too!”

The support and encouragement she received from Mak multiplied when she joined the Divine Darlings. “I’m grateful to be a part of The Divine Darlings and support each other while we express ourselves and grow in our journeys of self-love and empowerment,” Sin shared. She describes herself as being sentimental, and holding chosen family close to her heart. And, with multiple partners (ooo la la!), she has a veritable wall of love around that heart.

In fact, her favorite hangout spots are with her partners at home, though that may mostly be because “I can’t get naked at any public hangout spots.” But, for hangout spots she enjoys even while clothed, her favorites are picnics in Hermann Park, walking through The Botanic Gardens, and playing games at Cidercade.

Heavily inspired by beauty and adventure, she also loves traveling, being in nature, and creating and appreciating art in all forms. In fact, some of her favorite dates involve going to theatre performances and museums.

Come see the art and beauty this kinky creative makes herself — and bask in her honeymoon phase glow! — at The Burly Soirée: Glitz & Glamour, Lace & Leather on Sunday, January 8 at 8th Wonder Distillery. The show will also feature performances from Divine Darling Mary Jane Midnight and headliner (and Sin’s aforementioned role model) Mak Fontina, alongside former members of The Moonlight Dolls burlesque troupe Serena Van Cartier and Lady Annabelle, who also hosts and produces.

The Burly Soirée: Glitz & Glamour, Lace & Leather Details

Date: Sunday, January 8, 2023

Time: Doors open at 1:30 pm | Show begins at 2 pm

Location: 8th Wonder Distillery | 2201 Dallas St | Houston, Texas

Cost: $15–$75 via Eventbrite; $20–$80 at the door

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