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Get to Know: Vixen Magnifique

Houston burlesque performer Vixen Magnifique poses on a building rooftop, wearing a rhinestoned blue and white corset with her hands in her hair, with a sunset sky in the background
Houston burlesque performer Vixen Magnifique_Photo by Knifette

She’s full of sass and feminine mystique; she’s Vixen Magnifique!

Vixen was born a dancer. She took to the art form at only two years old, and instantly fell in love. After high school, she took a break from dance to explore other forms of movement, but seamlessly fell right back in when she began burlesque classes at Houston Divine Studio at age 23. Throughout her life, Vixen admired the beauty and glamour of pinup models and burlesque, so it was a natural fit.

As she dove more and more into classes and the world of burlesque, she fell more and more in love with both burlesque and herself. “To me, burlesque is being able to accept yourself for who you are and what you look like,” she said. “Being able to have all of these creative ideas and choreography come to life, it’s truly an amazing feeling. I would encourage everyone to do it.”

Vixen Magnifique had her burlesque debut in 2019, with the original Divine Darlings Burlesque Course and Showcase. The pandemic slowed her start, but she’s picked up speed and has dominated 2022.

Beyond burlesque, Vixen loves exploring her creativity as a photographer, as well. But if she’s not taking photos or working on a new act, she’s probably hiking, watching scary movies and tv (American Horror Story and Stranger Things are her favorites), listening to Deftones, or discovering new bars and restaurants throughout Houston.

And when she’s looking for those new places, there’s never a doubt that her choices will be exquisite. Vixen has a penchant for the finer things in life, and is an absolute vision of beauty, perfection, balance and grace. That may sound hyperbolic, but it was written in the stars for this Libra-Virgo.

While her star chart explains why she can be a bit indecisive at times, don’t mistake that for fear. Vixen’s favorite mantra is “be afraid and do it anyways,” and she takes that ideology to heart. She is constantly diving into new ventures, new interests and new growth opportunities.

That zest for exploration means that Vixen is always growing and evolving, and with that, so too are her burlesque performances. Every single Vixen Magnifique performance is stronger than the last. Your next opportunity to see Vixen Magnifique’s stellar stage presence, musicality and natural gift for dance is at The Burly Soirée: Ho Ho Holidays on Sunday, December 10.

The Burly Soirée: Ho Ho Holidays Details

Date: Sunday, December 11, 2022

Time: Doors open at 1:30 pm | Show begins at 2 pm

Location: 8th Wonder Distillery | 2201 Dallas St | Houston, Texas

Cost: $15 – $75 via Eventbrite; $20 – $80 at the door

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